140 pcs Fishing Tackle Box Fishing Snaps & Swivels Steel Stainless Easy to Use Jigging Sea Fishing Fly Fishing Bait Casting Fishing Removal Tools Fishing Outdoor Recreation Sporting Goods / Spinning

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Category Fishing Snaps & Swivels, Fishing Tackle Box
Fishing Method Bait Casting, Fly Fishing, Sea Fishing, Jigging, Trolling & Boat Fishing, General Fishing, Lure Fishing, Bass Fishing, Carp Fishing,Other, Freshwater Fishing, Jigging Fishing, Spinning, Ice Fishing
Material Steel Stainless
Features Easy to Use
Quantity (pcs) 140
Net Weight (g) 110
Special selected products COD
Popular Country France
Lures Detail
Lure Weight (g) 110